Workers Compensation ? Lower Prices ? Millions in Dividends ? Financial Stability Why is Walt Keeney of food express smiling? Because he is with CTSA the Works Compensation program. Only Allen Lawrence & Associates, LLC Insurance can access this program for you. Please complete the following information and someone will contact you within three business days. Allen Lawrence & Associates, LLC is licensed in all 50 states and will do everything we can to accommodate your request for a quote. Allen Lawrence & Associates, LLC  Insurance has been serving local, intermediate, and long haul trucking fleets since 1972.  We offer Self Insured Workers Compensation, Captive Programs, Traditional Programs. Allen Lawrence & Associates, LLC  and Associates, Inc. Insurance offers Travel Insurance that includes Medical Coverage, Medical Evacuation,  Trip Cancellation, Trip Delays, Lost Baggage, Coverage for Groups and Individuals. Print a free Emergency Medical ID card, courtesy of Allen Lawrence & Associates, LLC  Insurance. When it comes to your business insurance, there may be more risks than meet the eye. Gaps in coverage, Crisis Management, Contact Analysis, Certificate Compliance, X-Mod Review, Safety Consulting and Training, OSHA  Compliance. Tired of throwing your insurance premiums down the drain?  Allen Lawrence & Associates, LLC Insurance offers Truck Liability, Physical Damage, Workers Comp, Cargo and Group medical insurance. Solid Insurance Coverage! Financial sound solutions for your Liability,  Workers Comp, Property, Employment Practices Liability, Surety Bonds, Group Medical. When determine insurance rates, we put you in the drivers seat! You CNA take control of insurance premiums. Control your insurance costs. As specialists in the trucking industry, Allen Lawrence & Associates, LLC Insurance is the  only broker who can offer a Member Owned Captive Insurance Company, a Member Owned Workers Compensation program. Truckers Misdelivery Contamination Contingent Products Recall Coverage

A Full Service Brokerage Licensed in all 50 states


Insurance for the construction industry is different from all other industries. At Allen Lawrence & Associates, LLC , we understand that better than anyone else. We have been insuring contractors since 1972. We have the expertise to handle your certificate and surety requirements, assist with contract analysis and provide you with the best value for your insurance coverages.

Partnering with Allen Lawrence & Associates, LLC also means that you will receive services you can actually use in your business. From human resource consulting to safety training to a full risk management audit, we help your business manage the necessary risks you take every day and transfer the unforeseen risks.

Rest assured if you are a developer, general contractor or sub-contractor, we can handle all your insurance needs including; surety bonding, wrap-ups, course-of-construction, liability, workers’ compensation, auto, property and contractors’ equipment coverage. Coverages that meet your needs at the best price.